mercredi 22 avril 2015

Authenticate Symfony2 REST API with Google Account

I'm working with Symfony2 and FOSOauthServerBundle in a REST API. I would wish that some user could log in by a client app using their Google Account, for instance.

From my REST server, by web, I can log in with my Google Account (using HWIOauthBundle), but I need to send to the client app an access_token (like FOSOauthServerBundle does).

I'm interested on persist the access_token that Google send to me in my data base and at the same time, send to the client app the json message {'access_token': 'XMekfmns.... } with Google's (and now my REST API too) access_token.

I don't know if my approach is right. Any ideas?

(sorry for my english ;-) )

Thank you very much

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