mercredi 22 avril 2015

CRM javascript button calls json url and parse a value

I am creating a button in javascript (I can't create it using HTML - system limitation) and I want this button to go to a certain url (REST - getting JSON file). Afterwards, I'd like to display an alert with the value from that file and/or save the value from JSON file on a page where the button is placed. So far, I figured how to call the REST URI. Could anyone help me move forward with that?

oraclecrmod.onReady(function() {
if(oraclecrmod.ctx.isObject("Account") && oraclecrmod.ctx.isDetailPage()) {

var on_click = function URL() {
location.href = '';

var tb = oraclecrmod.getTitleBar("AccountFormTB");
var bt = oraclecrmod.createButton({
text:"Test Read",

Best regards, Lukasz

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