mercredi 22 avril 2015

How to migrate from the Provisioning API to the Admin SDK API?

The current application is written in JAVA. I plan to follow the steps here but I have little experience with JAVA and would like to make the migration as simple as possible. The API is being used to create a new email account.

This is what I have now:

  • The logic to create a google account and save data to our database is in
  • is calling the function that creates the account
  • is where the API call is being made with "";

How to move forward?

  • Update to call the new API?
  • Or create a new table in our database that will store the data we need and create a new service that will call the new API?
  • I do not believe that needs to be modified.

Also if I am using the Service account Client ID type which I believe is what I need, where do I find the Client secret? I seem to have a Client Secret only when I select the Web Application Client ID type.

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